Monday, January 29, 2007

HOWTO: POST Resources to IIS


i'm working on a piece that requires companies to be able to POST data to one another's web sites using just the URL without page name (i.e. there's also no need for any kind of web interface at either end, so i can't expect to grab the data from a form field and save to disk. simply put, using an application like CURL, i should be able to execute a command that says "post myFile.txt to".

i need to figure out how to configure to listen for POST commands and start up an application to capture the POST data and save to disk.

i've seen a few articles on how to use microsoft's posting acceptor to do file uploads, but this requires having the user fill in fields on a page which i can't ask the sender to do.

anybody have any idea how to pull this off? i thought i knew IIS pretty well, but this one has me totally stumped.


I can think of a few ways to do what you are asking on IIS, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. In no particular order:

  • Use IIsWebFile to configure a specific URL's Default Document to be the POST acceptor.
  • Use ISAPI Filter to rewrite specific incoming URL without page name to URL with the POST acceptor as the page name
  • Enable and use WebDAV PUT

Whichever is "better" depends on which benefit(s)/drawback(s) you require. The benefits and drawbacks of each approach are as follows, in no particular order.


This solution is simply IIS configuration of the POST acceptor code. It requires IIS6 on Windows Server 2003, and the POST request URL must end with a backslash to invoke the Default Document without needing 302 courtesy redirection for POST support from the client (i.e. client sends POST to

ISAPI Filter

The ISAPI Filter solution requires writing and maintaining C code for the ISAPI Filter, code for the POST acceptor, and IIS configuration for both the ISAPI Filter and POST acceptor code. It works on any IIS version and there are no requirements on the format of the POST request URL.


WebDAV is purely IIS configuration - no POST acceptor nor C code required. It works on all IIS versions that support WebDAV (pretty much all currently supported IIS versions except the latest IIS7 release, but that should be fixed soon), and the request must look like PUT and myFile.txt will be available for retrieval by anyone via GET UNLESS you control all applications on IIS from inadvertently serving that resource via some mechanism (NTFS ACLs, IIS Access Permissions, etc).

i.e. once you PUT a file to the web server, it can be retrieved via GET. This is different from a POST acceptor which can be configured to store files outside the URL namespace to avoid inadvertent web-based access of those uploaded resources.


I have only provided the categories of solutions possible - the specific solution for your situation requires more details about your requirements. You do not need to worry about user interactivity, FORM fields, grabbing data, Posting Acceptor, etc - all those tasks can be automated. There are many ways to "post myFile.txt to", and you have only scratched the surface of your requirements...



steven said...

many thanks, david.

i'm looking for the "path of lease resistance" on this one as i've got about 1 day to figure this out. as i don't know C and leaving the file on the server available via GET isn't an option, it looks like i'm headed toward "Default Document" option. you mention that the url must end with a backslash. i'm guessing you meant forward slash?

you also mention that this option requires IIS6 on win2003. default document configuration was available on IIS5 and probably was available on earlier verions of IIS. is the default document requirement on IIS6/win2003 different somehow?

if i understand you correctly, if i place a C# applicaiton on the web server named something like "default.aspx" it should kick in when the user POSTS to and from there i should be able to sniff a POST request and parse out the posted data?

how do i go about implementing the 302 redirect if the user POSTS to

tks again.

David Wang said...

Yes, I meant slash.

The ability to POST to a DefaultDocument requires IIS6. Prior IIS versions will return "405 Method not Allowed". That is simply a limitation of the IIS Request Processing Pipeline.

Yes, ASP.Net page configured as DefaultDocument can sniff the POST request if ASP.Net is enabled on IIS6.

You have no way to control nor be notified of the courtesy 302 redirect because it comes from the IIS Request Pipeline.

If a user POSTs to and no ISAPI hijacks the request (as per my ISAPI Filter option), IIS6 will send the 302 redirect (prior versions send 405), and the question is whether the client supports redirected POST. There is nothing you can do on the server.


Anonymous said...

Here is WebDAV server library that work with IIS 7:

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